Lawyers in Mazarrón

Since 2004, combining business consultancy and legal services into a single company

Law Firm

With extensive experience in the field of law, we provide services in any of its areas, assisting you in resolving your matters with a close and personalized approach.
We offer extrajudicial services such as inheritances, wills, immigration procedures, notarial deeds, national-level transfers, representation in buying and selling processes, and much more. Request information about your case without obligation.

Business Consulting

We focus our services on helping you carry out your company's procedures from various perspectives: fiscal, labor, accounting, and online.
We also assist freelancers and individuals and handle immigration procedures, disabilities, benefits, and subsidies, as well as procedures with social security based on a personalized study of your case.

Digital Kit Program

María del Carmen Méndez García / 23233582V has been a beneficiary of the grant program aimed at the digitalization of companies in segment I as part of the Spain Digital Agenda 2025, the SME Digitalization Plan 2021-2025, and the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan – funded by the European Union – Next Generation EU (Digital Kit Program).